Great Fundraising Through Local Businesses

It really is simple, once the cause has been registered within the community network they become one of the options that must be selected when finalizing the order for any of the products/services.

It is FREE for the cause to register, no fees, no obligations!

Each product/service listed has the amount that will be donated to the selected cause, you can go to the local business & purchase for the same price but if you order through Win Win Deals... there is a donation amount. It's that simple!

We have made some great deals with local businesses that any cause registered within the community network can access for fundraising efforts & local businesses are participating because they too want to help make a difference within their community.

We invest in our communities

AYRFCI, the relationship marketing platform that is creating direct & positive benefits for the community. Raising awareness of great local organizations, fundraising, and community listings.